The following companies have supplied Operation Walk with annual donations of many items needed to accomplish an Operation Walk mission. Everything from implants to Band-Aids are procured by the Operation Walk team leaders. We thank these companies for their generosity.



cardinal health

good samaritan

Huntinton Hospital

Keck School






Operation Walk provides air travel, housing and meals for its volunteer team members. Some supplies that we can not get donated must be purchased. Operation Walk needs money to cover these expenses. Many of our former patients, friends and colleagues have donated faithfully to our cause. Listed here are those that believe in our work and have supported us through the years. We are forever grateful.
  • Buddy and Judy Litten
  • Carlos Lavernia, M.D.
  • Carolyn L Miller
  • Dave & Missy Hotchkin
  • Don Abbey
  • Ellen Van Buskirk
  • Walter Van Buskirk Jr.
  • Eric Levine
  • George Ethridge
  • Jean Hyde Cohen
  • Jeff & Allison Mirkin
  • Jonathan & Rocki Cohen
  • Marc Brutten
  • Mitch Mirkin
  • Rich & Cathy Cadarette
  • Skirball Foundation